Henan Hengxin Industrial & Mineral Products Co.,Ltd

Henan HengXin Industrial & Mineral Products Co.,Ltd. is a leading supplier of abrasive and refractory materials. We started our business since 1998 and our core competency is in high quality raw materials. Professional industry knowledge and innovative materials have made us trusted global supplier for more than 20 years.Our main markets are US, Canada, Brazil, Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, etc. We’ve supplying our materials to these areas and countries for more than 20 years and...

Hot Products

    • Calcined Alumina For Ceramic Materials

      Calcined Alumina For Ceramic Materials

      The high-temperature calcined alumina powder is made of high-quality industrial alumina as a raw material, uniquely formulated, and calcined by three kinds of high-temperature inverted kiln, rotary kiln and tunnel kiln.

    • Compact Fused Alumina

      Compact Fused Alumina

      Compact fused alumina is a new type of high-purity refractory raw material which is cooled by high-temperature melting in a high-purity alumina and a reducing agent in an electric arc furnace.