Abrasive cloth

- Oct 23, 2019-

The abrasive cloth is also called iron sand cloth and gold steel sand cloth. The abrasive cloth is formed by uniformly bonding the abrasive (sand) to the base of the solid cloth with a bonding agent. It is mainly used to polish rust, paint or burrs on the surface of metal workpieces, polished surfaces, etc. It can also be used to polish non-metallic materials such as bone products.

The abrasive grain of the abrasive cloth is generally corundum (alumina). The specifications of the abrasive cloth are expressed by the name of the abrasive and the number of the grain size, but the market is customarily represented by the factory code:

Abrasive grain size: 240# 180# 150# 120# 100# 80# 60# 46# 36# 30# 24#

Dimensions (mm): 228 × 280 or 228 × 50000 (roll shape)

It is best to store abrasive cloth on a special shelf. Do not get wet, otherwise it will become late. If the abrasive cloth is found to be wet or hardened, the abrasive cloth can be dried separately. In addition, the abrasive cloth should not be exposed to heat or excessively dried to prevent sticking and lifting.