Characteristics of abrasive

- Jul 24, 2018-

One of the important energy of abrasive is its hardness, it must be more hard than the material to be processed, commonly used to determine the hardness of various abrasives. Another important property of abrasive is toughness or volume strength.

This property can be controlled by changing the mixing quantity, purity, granularity and crystal structure of the raw material, which is suitable for various applications. The manufacture of abrasive products, in addition to powdered talc and iron oxide, all raw materials need to be crushed and screened, the screening granularity should be 4~900, that is about 6 mm in diameter (public) to 6 microns (1 of the 1 per thousand) or more fine. The grinding wheel is the most important abrasive product, which is mixed by a certain proportion of abrasive and binder, which is sintered after moulding and then must be tested in plastic, balance and overspeed. Emery cloth and sandpaper for another kind of larger production of abrasive products, is the abrasive particles bonded to the base material (cloth or paper), after drying cut into different specifications of the products.

Other powder or granular abrasives, after screening, must be processed by a certain process, such as grinding or polishing abrasives, usually with mineral oil paste or wax and other accessories to meet the needs of different working conditions.