Introduction to Abrasive

- Jul 24, 2018-

The chemical composition of natural corundum is alumina, the main origin of South Africa, with which it polishes and grinds the glass. Emery is also a natural form of alumina, generally speaking, it is not as pure as corundum, the main origin of Greece, Turkey, more used to make emery cloth or sandpaper. Garnet Abrasives used in sandblasting, waterjet cutting, manufacturing coated abrasives, filter materials, wear-resistant flooring aggregates, and many applications in hardware, steel, castings, ceramics, aluminum, wood, leather industry. Flint is usually used to make sandpaper. Quartz is the earliest use of grinding wheel, still used to make tools and processing glass. Pumice originates from volcanoes and is the raw material for the manufacture of polished powders. The silica soil is the ingredient of polishing powder and oil stone. Other natural abrasives are talc, silica, feldspar, black silica and chalk.