Polishing abrasive

- Jul 24, 2018-

Diamond Extremely high hardness, sharp sharp particle shape, for different hardness of the material has a good grinding effect, for the existence of different phases of soft and hard difference of the alloy sample polishing effect better.

In addition, the diamond polishing abrasive grinding has a long life and high cutting ability, so the abrasive consumption is low, and the specimen surface can not produce deformation disturbing layer.

Alumina The hardness is very high, and is generally not the chemical reaction of the polished material. Alumina polishing abrasive is commonly used in steel sample polishing abrasive.

But it is not suitable for polishing aluminum and aluminum alloy, because alumina abrasive easy to make aluminum surface is dull and produce corrosion pits.

Chromium oxide

The polishing capability is weaker than that of alumina and can be used as final polishing for steel specimens.

Iron oxide

Aurora can be a bright surface, but at the same time prone to deformation disturbed layer, and will be non-metallic inclusions from the sample metal substrate, the use of very few.

Magnesium oxide The hardness is low, the particle is very fine, with sharp shape and good grinding edge. It is suitable for final polishing of aluminum, magnesium and other non ferrous metal and alloy specimens.

It has a small effect on non-metallic inclusions in steel samples, so it is especially suitable for inclusion inspection and polishing of cast iron graphite specimen.