Super Garnet Abrasive

- Jan 31, 2019-

Basic Info

Item: Garnet Sand
Appearance: Granular/Powder
Working temperature: 1318℃
Al2O3: 20%
Sio2: 38%
Size: 80-200 Mesh
Density: 3.9g/cm3
Origin: Henan, China
HS Code: 2513200000

Product Description

1. Introduction

Garnet abrasives use the high quality almandine as raw material,  produced after machining and water, magnetic, and screened. With excellent performances such as self-sharpening, proper hardness, good toughness, sharp edges, low loss and longer life etc, garnet is widely used in chemical plants, oil & petrochemical industries, for blasting and water jet cutting in the field of construction & maintenance of ship and containers, and building industries etc.

2. Applications
Free grinding and polishing-for glass, crystal, jade and other products.
Surface preparation-for optical glasses,artistic engraving or matting surfaces suchas glass,marble,granite.

Coated abrasives-for sandpaper and sponge.

Used for stone washing-used in industrial flooring providing better grip.

For various of applications used on metal, brick, concrete and masonry.

For sandblasting abrasive media, it is mainly used in remove rust, paint and corrosion.

3. Chemical Composition(%)

Melting point1320 °CSpecific gravity4.0 to 4.5
Bulk density2.4 g/cm3Solubility in waterInsoluble
Acid solubility< 0.5 %Mohs Hardness7.5-8.0
Size Available:8/12 12/20 20/40 30/60 80#100#120#
W60 W50 W40 W28 W20 W14