Calcined Alumina

- May 27, 2019-

Calcined alumina powder has great wear resistance and is often used in the abrasive industry.The most common are calcined alumina abrasive, corundum abrasive and silicon carbide abrasive.In addition to the abrasion resistance, calcined alumina powder also has the characteristics of heat resistance and high temperature resistance. Below, we will take a look at the application of calcined alumina in the refractory industry and its application method.People make use of its high temperature resistance characteristics, so that calcined alumina is widely used in the refractory industry, it plays an important role in the improvement of shaped refractory and unshaped refractory.It is filled in the pores of refractories to improve the volume density, greatly improve the heat resistance, thermal performance to reach the ideal state, its strength is also significantly increased.It also has a very strong activity, in the ball mill deep processing, adding the dispersant of xili, can enhance its fluidity, thus improving the performance of castable, can enhance the cohesion of refractory materials, play the role of binder.At the same time, it can greatly improve the high temperature resistance performance and prolong the service life of refractory products.Improve refractory temperature, often used in high - temperature greenhouse furnace.And calcined alumina is widely used in high-grade quality refractory pouring and 3 big steel in continuous casting, large iron ditch and ladle, air brick, daub material, gravity pouring and dry wet method combining injection, oxide refractory silicon carbide products, corundum mullite push board, high temperature resistant materials and products, corundum and ceramic products, in addition in the cement and building!Construction, building materials industry has also been expanded to varying degrees of application.