Walnut Shell Abrasive Materials

- Feb 21, 2019-

Basic Info

Item:Walnut Shell Abrasive
Hardness: Superabrasive
Volumetric Weight: 850 Kg/Cm3
Oil Removal Rate: 65%
Dilatability: 0.5%
Oil Content: 0.25%
Moisture Content: 6%
Ware Rate: < 1.5%
Specific Gravity: 1.35
pH: 3-6
Bulk Density: 0.8g/cm3
Sample: Free
Origin: Henan,China 

Product Description

walnut shell adopts the high quality of pecan shell as raw material, after crushing, polishing, steaming, washing, drug treatment, two filter processing. Walnut shell granular yellowish-brown, toughness, wear resistance compressive strength, strong adsorption capacity, oil immersion, agglomerate, not rot, stable chemical properties, does not contain toxic substances.It's a kind of natural light-rolling material, it will not damage the surface of the work pieces and achieve a good polishing,etc.

Physics Index:
 Color Brown
 Charring Temperature 243°C (470°F)
 Specific Gravity 1.2-1.4
 Hardness MOH 2.5-4
 PH AT 25°C In Netural Water 4-6
 Free Moisture (80oC FOR 15 HRS) 3-9%
 Oil Removal Rate 65%
 Solubility       Slightly in water or alcohol


⒈Environmentally friendly, natural, non-toxic; causes no health or environmental hazards.

⒉Does not produce dust, safe for indoor use.

⒊For Deflashing, Polishing & Tumbling.

⒋ Used to deflash parts, as well as for tumbling and polishing brass, metal, plastics and hard rubber. In tumbling applications, a polishing compound is often mixed with the walnut shells.

⒌Used to remove paints and coatings from buildings, cars, boats, furniture, fiberglass, steel, etc.