Fire Resistant Material Action

- Jul 24, 2018-

Refractories used in iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, glass, cement, ceramics, petrochemical, machinery, boilers, light industry, electricity, military and other national economy in various fields, is to ensure that the industrial production and operation and technical development of essential materials, in the High-temperature industrial production development plays an irreplaceable important role. Since 2001, in the Steel, non-ferrous, petrochemical, building materials, such as high temperature industrial development of the strong pull, refractory industry to maintain a good growth posture, has become the world's refractory production and export power.

2011 China's refractory production accounted for about 65% of the world, the production and sales of solid refractories first. 2001-2010, the production of refractory raw materials and products increased steadily, of which "XV" at the end of about 2001 years twice times, the 2010 national production of refractory products reached 28.0806 million tons, about "XV" at the end of 3 times times.

As of 2011, China Refractories Industry has a total of more than 1917 enterprises, employs more than more than 300,000 people, to achieve sales revenue of 337.679 billion yuan, to achieve product sales profit of 47.737 billion yuan.

However, due to the disordered mining, low processing technology, lower level of comprehensive utilization of resources, more serious waste, the above mineral resources, especially high-grade refractory raw materials have become less and fewer, saving resources, comprehensive utilization of resources is a top priority.

Song rain that the refractory industry must guide the mining of raw materials to organize scientific exploitation, optimize the comprehensive utilization of resources, especially different grade mineral deposits, eliminate indiscriminate excavation, and gradually promote more rational use of resources, so that limited resources play a maximum role to achieve sustainable development. The development of refractory industry is closely related to the amount of mineral resources in China. Bauxite, magnesite and graphite are the three major refractory materials.

And China is one of the world's three major bauxite exporting countries, magnesite reserves the world's first, or graphite export power, rich resources to support the Chinese refractories through the rapid development of 10 years. At the same time, many refractory enterprises in China, enterprise scale, process technology, control technology, equipment level is uneven, advanced production mode and backward mode of production coexist.

Industry overall clean production level is not high, energy saving and emission reduction task arduous. With the "Twelve-Five" period, China to accelerate the elimination of backward and high energy consumption capacity, the industry will focus on the development and promotion of a new type of power-saving furnace, the development of comprehensive energy-saving technology, energy management, "waste" emissions control and "waste" resources recycling and utilization.

Dedicated to the use of refractory materials and reuse, reduce solid waste emissions, improve the comprehensive utilization of resources, and comprehensively promote energy conservation and emission reduction. "Refractories Industry Development Policy" pointed out that China's steel industry refractories consumption of about 25 kg per ton of steel consumption, to 2020 down to 15 kg below. 2020 China refractories More longevity, more energy-saving, non-polluting, functional products have greatly improved, products to meet the metallurgical, building materials, chemicals and emerging industries and other national economic development needs, improve the technical content of export products.