High Temperature Calcined Alumina Powder For Ceramic Materials

- Sep 26, 2019-

The high-temperature calcined alumina powder is made of high-quality industrial alumina as a raw material, uniquely formulated, and calcined by three kinds of high-temperature inverted kiln, rotary kiln and tunnel kiln.

  The high-temperature calcined alumina powder is white powder, loose block, easy to pulverize, and stable at high temperature. Not allowed in water, difficult to dissolve in acid and alkali solution. It is made by high temperature calcination in tunnel kiln, which has long holding time and high calcination temperature. It is especially suitable for the production of ceramic products by grouting. It can also be used for rolling film, dry pressing, hot pressing, various electronic ceramics, etc., and the product shrinkage rate is low. High-temperature alumina raw crystal particles 1um-3um.

Uses: High temperature alumina is used in various electronic ceramics, high alumina refractories, amorphous refractories (high aluminum castables), high temperature resistant porcelain parts, wear resistant porcelain parts, electronic substrates, high alumina ceramics, roller bars, etc.