Aluminium Hydroxide Material

- Feb 14, 2019-

Basic Info

Item:Aluminum Hydroxide


Physical state:Solid

Melting point:300° C

Density:2.42 g/cm3

Origin: Henan,China

HS Code: 2818300000

Product Description

Cable Grade Aluminum Hydroxide with fine particle size distribution can improve flame retardancy and certain filling, it rise the pressure of the steam to help flane retardant. And super-fine inorganic grain could improve the strength and toughness of the polymers

Technical Index:

PowderPhysical StateSpecific gravity(g/m3)










Wet powderOdorless white powder2.494-98>99.5<0.3<0.015<0.005
Dry powderOdorless white powder2.492-95>99.5<0.3<0.015<0.005

Product Application:

 ⒈Aluminium hydroxide is most commonly used as inorganic flame retardant agents .

 ⒉ Aluminium hydroxide powder is useful as purifier

 ⒊With great adsorption capacity, aluminium hydroxide could be used in dyeing industry as mordant.

 ⒋Hydrated Alumina could also be used in the production of alumina products.

 ⒌Hydrated Alumina could be used for production of mineral salts like aluminium fluoride, cyrolite, aluminium sulfate and aluminium oxide products etc.