The Zhengzhou-Lianyungang-Southeast Asia, International Transportation Route

- Apr 24, 2019-

Yesterday, the "Zhengzhou-Lianyungang-Southeast Asia" Tiehai Intermodal Railway Box, loaded with abrasives sent to Southeast Asia, arrived in Lianyungang, and then arrived in Bangkok, Thailand by sea. The whole cargo transportation took 13 to 15 days. This marks the first time that the Lianyungang New Oriental Container Terminal Company and China Railway Group and Taicang Shipping Company have jointly established the “Zhengzhou-Lianyungang-Southeast Asia” iron-sea combined transport channel to realize the international iron-sea combined transport of railway boxes.

It is understood that Lianyungang New Oriental Container Terminal Co., Ltd. will carry out all-round cooperation with China Railway Container Zhengzhou Branch, Zhengzhou Railway Central Station, and China Railway Group Shanghai Branch, and innovate the multimodal transport mode, in the “Zhengzhou-Lianyungang” railway box internal trade class. On the basis of the mature operation of the column, expand the foreign trade of the railway box. After ensuring that heavy boxes and fashion ships are shipped to the destination port, and after arriving abroad, the rail box loading will be returned to the country to achieve a return. The tripartite cooperation between the railway, container terminal and shipping company has provided a more high-quality logistics service for the source enterprises, and realized a new multi-modal logistics model of “one box in the end” in the railway box.

According to Zheng Wen, assistant general manager of Lianyungang New Oriental Container Terminal Company, according to the previous model, mainland customers must choose sea containers, but the cost of shipping containers into the mainland is relatively high. Therefore, this port and the partners jointly operate this model. The customer reduced the logistics cost, and the other side truly realized the “one box in the end” of the railway box, realizing the port function and moving in, and providing customers with more efficient and better service.

It is reported that in the future, Lianyungang New Oriental Container Terminal Co., Ltd. will apply the railway box multimodal transport business model to the Longhai Line and other railway bureaus around the country, expand the radiation range, and seize the opportunity of Luhai International Eastward Trade Channel to enlarge the east of Lianyungang Port. The advantage and the potential to explore the west make Lianyungang Port truly the most convenient seaport in the central and western regions.

“The development of the central and western regions requires a convenient and smooth passage to the sea, and it also requires a passage from the railway to the economic hinterland of the central and western regions. This combination of advantages has achieved common development.” Xiang Yang, general manager of Taicang Port Container Shipping Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou-Lianyungang-Southeast Asia-Tiehai Intermodal Transport Channel will improve efficiency and efficiency in serving the “Belt and Road” and serving the economic development of the central and western regions.

Reporter Wang Wen

Correspondent Chen Jun Sun Zi'an