Ultra-pure Silicon

- Jul 24, 2018-

Ultra-pure silicon (no more than a few atoms per 1000 atoms) is the most important semiconductor material, widely used in computer, microwave communications, fiber communications, solar power and so on. The semiconductor silicon material develops very quickly, the amount of monocrystalline silicon is more than 2500 tons each year, the wafer consumes 2.5 billion square inches. China's research and production of silicon materials has also been greatly developed, the diameter of 3 inches below the single crystal has reached the international level, and the establishment of cutting, grinding, polishing technology and equipment, but the overall level and the international still has a certain gap.

Therefore, our country ultra pure silicon development potential is very big, heavy responsibilities. Why is the present age known as the silicon Age? At the seventh session of the International Conference on crystalline silicon production, scientists called the age of Silicon the present era. Why does silicon refer to such a high position? This is because the world is now in the era of industry to the information age. In the industrial age, the leader is steel, so steel production marks a country's economic and military strength. In the information age, the lead is semiconductor materials-silicon. There are many varieties of semiconductor material, but there are not many kinds of industrial production, mainly silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide and gallium phosphide, and silicon is about 90% of the production of semiconductor material.

This is the reason people call the age of silicon.