12 Volt Tire Inflator for Car Jump Starter

12 Volt Tire Inflator for Car Jump Starter

Plastic blasting media(Resin sand) is also called crystrip plastic granule, which is made of thermoplastic acrylic or aggregate particles. It appears to chemical inertness and can be recycled, reducing the pollution of environment.
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Our Black Silicon Carbide, Garnet Abrasive, Low Sodium White Fused Alumina is selling well worldwide thanks to our scientific management practices and the continuous improvement of product quality. Sincerely welcome customers to patronize, and we will wholeheartedly provide you with excellent services. Following the marketing guidance and the objective of being a first-class enterprise, we have always trying to improve ourselves. With the high quality of products and excellent reputation, our company has obtained many achievements. We adhere to the market demand-oriented, actively explore the domestic and foreign markets, and constantly improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.

Advantage of plastic blasting media :

  • Not hurting work piece surface, and not affect the precision of the size, keep the plating layer

  • No-toxic,no dust

  • Good corrosion protection

  • More hydrophobicity

  • Good adhesion

Usage of plastic blasting media:

  • Casting cleanness

  • Deburr the rubber and nlastic surface

  • Remove the paint and waste on the products( automotive, airplane, ship)


Our advantage is to have a unified brand image system, marketing system, and standard training system to ensure the reputation of our 12 Volt Tire Inflator for Car Jump Starter. We hope to more closely integrate our technology plan with our business strategy and vision to achieve longer-term development. We decided to implement a new management system to encourage our company to establish a scientific strategic planning and planning system, thereby enhancing our competitiveness.
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