480c 3/8NPT 200psi DC12V Portable Mini Air Compressor Pump in Stock

480c 3/8NPT 200psi DC12V Portable Mini Air Compressor Pump in Stock

Plastic blasting media(Resin sand) is also called crystrip plastic granule, which is made of thermoplastic acrylic or aggregate particles. It appears to chemical inertness and can be recycled, reducing the pollution of environment.
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We are insisting on using integrated industry chain optimization to enhance core competitiveness so that we can continuously improve the quality of Black Fused Alumina, TZP Grinding Media, Black Silicon Carbide For Grinding. We choose the best materials and excellent design. With exquisite craftsmanship and better service, we get good achievement in the industry and all along service for many famous brand.

Advantage of plastic blasting media :

  • Not hurting work piece surface, and not affect the precision of the size, keep the plating layer

  • No-toxic,no dust

  • Good corrosion protection

  • More hydrophobicity

  • Good adhesion

Usage of plastic blasting media:

  • Casting cleanness

  • Deburr the rubber and nlastic surface

  • Remove the paint and waste on the products( automotive, airplane, ship)


We hope to develop more humane products, and continuously inject high-quality and humanistic spirit into every 480c 3/8NPT 200psi DC12V Portable Mini Air Compressor Pump in Stock we develop. If the development of each brand is the release of a film, then the growth history of our company can be made into an epic masterpiece, which has made countless people yearn for her in the years. This film only has the prologue and plot, and never ends, because we are a group of young hearts, shooting a common dream every day. In this movie, we need like-minded friends, you and I, to express our life and build our dreams together. At present, our company is at a critical moment of take-off that all production projects are showing a good momentum of prosperity, and management strategies are becoming more mature and stable.
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