Activated Alumina with High Surface Area

Activated Alumina with High Surface Area

Features Of HX Activated Alumina
2.Insoluble in water and alcohol
3.High mechanical strength
4.Strong adsorbent
5.surface activity
6.high thermal stability
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Activated Alumina 


Reactive alumina, Um alumina controller (I) oxide catalyst in the noun "used in explanation of alumina usually only called" the activated alumina ", it is a kind of porous, high dispersion of solid material, a large surface area, its pore surface has required the catalytic properties, such as adsorption, surface activity, high thermal stability, etc, so widely used for chemical reaction and catalyst carriers.

Physics Index:




Specific Surface Area
hole volumeCrush Strenth
















⒈It is mainly used in F-adsorping, arsenic-removing, arsenic-removing, sewage decolorizing and deodorizing in dringking water and industrial areas.

⒉Activated alumina is used for a wide range of adsorbent and catalyst applications

⒊widely used to remove fluoride from drinking water. 

⒋Used as a desiccant, it works by a process called adsorption

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