Ceramic Grain/Abrasive/Grinding Wheels/Coated Abrasive

Ceramic Grain/Abrasive/Grinding Wheels/Coated Abrasive

Features O f H&X SG Abrasive
1. Good toughness
2. Good self-sharpening
3. High efficient cutting
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Product Details

We promise to offer all customers with safe, assured and high-quality Tabular Alumina For Polishing, White Fused Aluminum Oxide, Tabular Alumina and services with solid professional knowledge and scientific and effective service concepts. Inspired by our corporate culture, each of our employees continues to pursue excellence through their own practices and experiences. Strength creates the future, our company continues to strive to develop in the domestic and international markets, so that our position in the domestic and international markets continues to rise, and with its stable quality and excellent service, we have won the trust of our customers and established a better reputation.

SG Abrasive


SG Abrasive is a sintered abrasive made by sol-gel method with high purity special alumina as the main raw material. SG abrasives are used not only for bonded abrasives and coated abrasives, but also for high pressure casting and grinding. And fine grinding of different materials, including gear grinding, bearing grinding, crank grinding, roller grinding and so on.

Physical property:

SG AbrasiveBlue>3.900%2100-2200


SG abrasive has less burn or metallographic damage to difficult grinding materials than ordinary alumina abrasive, and can keep sharp for a long time under low load, with less total downtime and longer service life.SG abrasive belt and disc can therefore be used for fast cutting on difficult-grinding materials such as aerospace alloys and forged steel.These features of SG abrasive greatly improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.


SG abrasive could be used for Sanding Belt, Flap Disc, Fiber Disc, Hook&Loop Disc, Vitrified Grinding Wheels, Sanding Disc, Resin Bonded Grinding Wheels etc.                                   

We are dedicated to providing Ceramic Grain/Abrasive/Grinding Wheels/Coated Abrasive as well as efficient and timely services for customers at home and abroad. For us, progress never stops. In cooperation with you, we will continue to propose new solutions, so that your ideas and our technical suggestions can be constantly turned into reality, so as to benefit you. We have automatic production equipment with strong technical force and production capacity.
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