China Original Al2O3 80% Aluminium Ore for Refractory

China Original Al2O3 80% Aluminium Ore for Refractory

Features Of HX Fused Magnesia Alumina
1.Outstanding Refractory
2.Good erosion resistance
3.High anti-corrosion
4.Good thermal stability
5.Good thermal shock resistance
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We constantly encourage employees to study more advanced technology to obtain high quality Ceramsite Sand, Corn Cob Abrasive, Green Silicon Carbide. You can place an order and try it. If everything goes well, you can place a long-term order. We are working hard to improve the level of enterprise management and strive to be in line with international practices.

Fused Magnesia Alumina


The Fused Magnesia Alumina is made from high quality alumina and light-burned magnesia in electric arc furnace.has high true density, low water absorption, low thermal expansion coefficient ,good thermal stability and good thermal shock resistance.

Chemical Compositions:

Grit Size(mm)5-8 3-51 0-1
5-8 3-51 0-1
Fine Grit
320#-0 180#-0320#-0 180#-0
Micro Powder(μm)


⒈ To replace magnesia chrome sand to make high grade refractory bricks in lining bricks for cement rotary kiln to avoid chrome pollution and has higher resistance against flaking.

⒉Used to make refractory castables for ladles to improve anti-corrosion of steel plate lining. It is widely applied in refractory material, steel smelting, cement rotary kiln and glass kiln.

⒊As an ideal material to make continuous casting sliding plate, ladle lining brick, nozzle bricks, continuous casting nozzle and open hearth bricks. Also as a basic material in big large cement kiln, bricks in transition zone of neutral cement kiln and kiln furniture for medium and high temperature applications.

The success of our company is that our China Original Al2O3 80% Aluminium Ore for Refractory is of high quality, safe to use, and have earned the confidence of customers. As a new generation of brands in the business world, we take innovation as the guide and quality service as the foundation to guide the new trend of the industry. We take the spirit of innovation as the driving force because we have industrious and pragmatic progress.
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