Eafc Air-Compressor-Pump Car-Tire-Inflator Digital-Screen DC12V-Pump Motorcycle 150psi

Eafc Air-Compressor-Pump Car-Tire-Inflator Digital-Screen DC12V-Pump Motorcycle 150psi

Plastic blasting media(Resin sand) is also called crystrip plastic granule, which is made of thermoplastic acrylic or aggregate particles. It appears to chemical inertness and can be recycled, reducing the pollution of environment.
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By observing market changes, we constantly adjust and optimize our operating varieties, and strengthen market marketing and expansion. We have a large number of stable customers in the Pink Fused Alumina, Tabular Alumina For Polishing, SG Abrasive industry by virtue of superior supply channels, advanced management methods and excellent service methods. Our company has become a leading domestic brand thanks to the long-term trust and support of our customers, and it is also the result of the collective efforts and hard work of all employees. Thank you for your business and support!

Advantage of plastic blasting media :

  • Not hurting work piece surface, and not affect the precision of the size, keep the plating layer

  • No-toxic,no dust

  • Good corrosion protection

  • More hydrophobicity

  • Good adhesion

Usage of plastic blasting media:

  • Casting cleanness

  • Deburr the rubber and nlastic surface

  • Remove the paint and waste on the products( automotive, airplane, ship)


Our Eafc Air-Compressor-Pump Car-Tire-Inflator Digital-Screen DC12V-Pump Motorcycle 150psi is carefully crafted on the basis of absorbing the advantages of similar product at home and abroad, reaching the highest standards in the industry with superior performance and high reliability. In line with the people-oriented education policy, we build a learning enterprise, actively cultivate talents to build the core competitiveness of the enterprise. We can meet the various needs of customers at home and abroad.
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