Flower Scent Silica Gel Cat Sand with Odor Control

Flower Scent Silica Gel Cat Sand with Odor Control

Features of Silica Sand:
1.Various grades available, 99%min,99.9%min, 99.99%min
2.High purity
3.Various sizes available
4.Natural Sand
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We are a professional enterprise engaged in the development, manufacture, production and sales of Quartz Sand, SG Abrasive, Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide. We take pride in achieving and maintaining consistency high standards of quality. Please feel free to contact us! Our products and services are recognized by many well-known enterprises and become their designated suppliers. We firmly believe that companies need to take sustainable development issues seriously and integrate them into company management. We insist on scientific management and standardized operation to provide sustainable returns for all stakeholders of the company. We further shape the overall quality of talents according to the characteristics of the existing talent structure, enhance the competence of the posts, and realize the establishment of a global talent team system.

Silica Sand



Silica sand is processed from the high quality silica stone, through the process of coarse crushing, roasting, fine crushing, acid treatment, water washing, drying and sieving etc.



1. Silica sand is the main raw material of plate glass, float glass, optical glass, glassware and special glass etc.

2. Refractory materials

3. Metallurgy, ceramic, foundry and abrasives industry, etc.


Typical Chemical Composition:












Size Available:

6-10Mesh, 20-40Mesh, 40-80Mesh, 80-120Mesh, 200Mesh, 325Mesh etc.

Other special specifications could be supplied as required.

We intention to create extra worth for Flower Scent Silica Gel Cat Sand with Odor Control. In terms of fire safety, the company replaced and added a large number of fire-fighting facilities in production workshops, office spaces, and living areas. In addition to continuously developing more high-quality products, we are also capable of providing customers with unique professional services.
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