Fused Silica Quartz Glass Plate Quartz Sheet

Fused Silica Quartz Glass Plate Quartz Sheet

Features Of Fused Silica For Casting
1.Various grades available
2.Various sizes available
3.High purity
4.Low linear expansion coefficient
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Fused Silica For Casting


Fused Silica, the amorphous state of SiO2, is fused in resistance furnace with high quality silica sand as raw materials. Fused silica could be smashed into lump, grit or white powder with characteristics of heat resistant and low heat expansion coefficient

Chemical Composition:

Clear geometric shapesSpecific Gravity2.203g/mL
Boiling Point2230℃Solubility in water
Practically soluble
Melting Point1600℃odorNo odour


⒈Used in precision casting

⒉Refractories and Optical glass manufacturing

⒊Grinding wheel in plastic stell used in large-scale and extra large-scale intergrate circuit

⒋Mainly applied in plastic seal used in large-scale integrate circuit

⒌Expoy resin,pouring,quartz rubber and other chemical industrial

⒍As an ideal stuffing materials, fused silica could be used in paint and coating industry

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