Glazing Bead Saw Machine for PVC Window Door Production Line

Glazing Bead Saw Machine for PVC Window Door Production Line

Features Of HX Glass Beads For Polishing:
1.Good chemical stability
2.Good liquidity
3.For cleaning and polishing
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We start from a forward-looking development perspective, and continuously upgrade our Fused Silica, Garnet Abrasive, Calcined Alumina through innovation. We would very much welcome an opportunity to do business with you and have pleasure in attaching further details of our products. We have won more and more customers with high-quality products and excellent reputation. Our company's goal is to undertake the due social responsibility in the fields involved in various business activities, and to do our part for the construction of on the spot supply.

High Quanlity Glass Beads For Polishing


H&X glass beads with the quality of clean,transparent,no bubbles and impurity. Widely used in blasting,polishing,grinding etc.

Chemical AnalysisPhysical Properties
SiO2≥65.0%Bulk Density1.5g/cm3
Na2O≤14.0%Real Density2.5g/cm3
CaO≤8.0%Mohs Hardness6-7
MgO≥2.5%HRC hardness46


⒈Can be used for stainless steel

⒉For industrial shot peening

⒊Good chemical stability, mechanical strength and hardness, and surface finish

⒋As an additive, enhancer, etc., used in medical equipment, rubber, aviation, etc.

By creating durable products, we ensure that customers can use our Glazing Bead Saw Machine for PVC Window Door Production Line for as long as possible and reduce costs. We promise we have now the ability to offer excellent quality and reasonable price items for customers. Our production is strictly in accordance with the standard process and the pursuit of perfect details.
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