High-Performance Ceramsite Sand/Ceramsite Sand

High-Performance Ceramsite Sand/Ceramsite Sand

Features Of HX Ceramsite Sand
1.High refractory
2.High thermal conductivity, good stability, no cracking
3.neutral materials, acid and alkali binders can be used
4.Recycling performance is good, cost-effective
5.The sand is spherical, with good fluidity, easy to compact, and good air permeability.
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Product Details

Pink Fused Alumina, Quartz Sand, Silicon Nitride have a wide range of market areas, and are highly praised by consumers. We are sincerely invited to join us to realize our ambition. We supply professional service, prompt reply, timely delivery, excellent quality and best price to our customers. At present, we have established a global marketing and after-sales service network, and have established long-term and stable strategic partnerships with a large number of powerful agents. We are oriented to users with first-class products and first-class services. We are adhering to the philosophy of 'attracting customers with the best products and excellent service'.

Ceramsite Sand


Ceramsite Sand, also known as fused ceramic granules, is a high-grade alternative to quartz sand,is made of high-quality aluminum-vanadium as raw material, which is calcined, electrofused, granulated and sieved.

Physics Index:

Crystal System




Refractory Temperature


Bulk Density


Ture Density


Thermal conductivity


Coefficient of expansion

(20-1000 ℃) 6 × 10-6/℃

Grit Size











⒈Widely used in foundry technique like resinbonded sand, sodium silicate sand, and clay- bonded sand for sand core and casting mould making.

⒉It is suitable for the production of castings of various binders and various metal materials, and it is easy to clean sand, and the sand-mixing process is simple and convenient. 

⒊ For most castings, the coating can be omitted, especially for castings with high quality requirements.

⒋Can effectively solves the problems of high casting cost and poor casting quality.

⒌The high degree of refractoriness and the high degree of compaction during molding can improve the surface quality of the casting and reduce the scrap rate in production

Our company has introduced foreign technology and focused on producing High-Performance Ceramsite Sand/Ceramsite Sand with high quality and diverse styles after strict testing, and it can be customized according to customer needs. We undertake that every product will be checked and confirmed in accordance with the current good manufacturing practices. We plan to realize the grand blueprint of enterprise scale and modernization.
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