High Quality Low Price Zirconium Silicate for Ceramic Glazing Whiteness 60

High Quality Low Price Zirconium Silicate for Ceramic Glazing Whiteness 60

Features O f H&X Zirconium Silicate
1.High melting point
2.High refractive index
3.Good chemical stability
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Our company gives full play to the skills and innovation capabilities of all employees to carry out personalized product design and production to meet the needs of customers for Plastic Blasting Media, Diamond Fine Micro Powder, Silicon Carbide. We believe that the most important thing is to achieve lean culture construction, so that everyone of the company can participate in it and give full play to the enthusiasm and creativity of each employee. We have unique advantages in R&D and design for different product processes with professional manufacturing processes and equipment.

Zirconium Silicate


Zirconium silicate is a non-toxic, odorless white powder. It is processed from natural high-purity zircon sand concentrate by ultra-fine pulverization, iron removal, titanium processing and surface modification treatment. , cheap ceramic glaze opacifier, whitening agent, anti-seepage agent, stabilizer.


Chemical Composition:

Grit SizeWhitenessZrSiO4TiO2


⒈It is widely used in high-grade ceramic glaze, advanced refractory fiber, TV screen and other production fields.

⒉A special glass, porcelain raw material and special rubber reinforcing resin filler.

⒊High quality grinding and engineering ceramic materials

⒋Can act as a whitening effect in ceramic glazes because it forms oblique zircons after firing of ceramics, thereby scattering the incident light waves and achieving the effect of opacification and whitening.

Our High Quality Low Price Zirconium Silicate for Ceramic Glazing Whiteness 60 integrate beautiful appearance, scientific manufacturing technology and high cost performance. We strive to seize opportunities, meet challenges, grow the market and evolve towards standardized, large-scale, professional and market-driven management. We gain the trust of customers with good service, and seek development space with continuous improvement.
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