Highly Effciency Brown Corundum Fused Alumina Aluminum Oxide

Highly Effciency Brown Corundum Fused Alumina Aluminum Oxide

Features of Brown Fused Alumium Oxide:
1.Middle and low grade refractory material
2.Good crystallization
3.Low linear expansion coeffiecient and corrosion resistance
4.Various grades available
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Brown Fused Aluminum Oxide



Brown fused aluminum oxide is made from fine bauxite and melted in electric arc furnace.

It has the fine proof and excellent wear resistance. It is a main raw materials for production of middle and low level unshaped and shaped fire-proof material.


Chemical Composition:

Grit Size





















1. For refractory brick 

2. For refractory castable

3. For ramming material


Size Available:


200# 325#


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