Metallurgical Garde Black Silicon Carbide Deoxidizer Sic 90% 88% 80%

Metallurgical Garde Black Silicon Carbide Deoxidizer Sic 90% 88% 80%

Features of Silicon Carbide:
1.Various Grades of SiC available
2.Low expansion coefficient
3.High efficiency
4.Good cleaness
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Our commission should be to provide our customers and consumers with ideal top quality and aggressive portable digital products for Boron Nitride, Calcined Alumina For Refractory, Abrasive Cloth. We will supplement the global marketing network system to ensure the unlimited extension of the brand into the future. We strengthen the work of serious work, market consciousness, customer awareness of the work concept, so that the company's economic benefits have increased year after year. We achieve value with professionalism and enhance value with service. We now have strict high quality management procedures for each approach.

Silicon Carbide



Silicon Carbide can be used for making various fire-resisting mateirals, not only used in the steel making furnace but also in the building materials. With the low expansion coefficient, high efficiency and high thermal conductivity, it can greatly improve the product quality, save lots of fuels and increase the enterprise efficiency.


Grade Available :

98% SiC

90% SiC

88% SiC

85% SiC

80% SiC





Basic Mineral


True Density


Bulk Density


Mohs Hardness






1.  High-grade refractory material

2.  Metallurgical additive

3. Refractory bricks


Size Available:


200# 325#


We strengthen and enlarge our Metallurgical Garde Black Silicon Carbide Deoxidizer Sic 90% 88% 80% product line, forming a strong competitive situation. We will increase the company's technological reforms to enhance production capacity and strive to make our own strategic resource. We have a complete internal control system, which provides a strong guarantee for the output of high-quality products.
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