Refractory Matter White Calcined Alumina 325mesh

Refractory Matter White Calcined Alumina 325mesh

Features Of HX Tabular Alumina For Polishing
1.Excellent abrasion resistance
2.High thermal conductivity
4.High electrical resistance
5.High heat capacity
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Our company produce high quality and low price Black Silicon Carbide, Brown Fused Alumina, Nice Foundry Sand with professional equipment, professional personnel and professional process, so our company is the most ideal choice for the majority of customers. We adhere to the development strategy of taking a professional road and concentrate all resources to enhance the core capabilities of our company. Sincerely look forward to serving you in the near future. We believe we will become a leader in developing and producing high quality products in both Chinese and international markets.

Tabular Alumina


Tabular Alumina is high purity alumina essentially,processed by high quality alumina after sintering of fusing.

Chemical Composition(%)


Physics Index:

Bulk Density>3.50g/cm3Melting Point
Porosity Density≤5.0Solubility
Moisture≤1.50Boliting Point3400℃


⒈Used for refractory,abrasives,polishing,grinding,ceramics as raw materials

⒉Application for high temperature engineering equipment,construction materials

Our company's Refractory Matter White Calcined Alumina 325mesh have gone through regular and irregular inspection, products are up to or exceed national standards or industry standards. To win the market, an enterprise must strengthen its ability to develop professional technology, build and maintain its own advantages in a certain aspect. However, paying attention to sincerity and cooperation is the premise of development. When problems arise, we look forward to it with a sincere and cooperative attitude.
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