Special Calcined Bauxite Used for Welding Flux

Special Calcined Bauxite Used for Welding Flux

Features Of HX Bauxite
1.High temperature resistance
2.Good thermal stability
3.Low thermal conductivity
4.Small heat capacity
5.Mechanical shock resistance
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We absorb advanced technology at home and abroad, and combine practice to apply technology into our Quartz Sand, Garnet Abrasive, Silicon Nitride. Our firm has been concentrating on brand strategy. We always concentrate on the culture of employee diathesis and practice excellent morality with production in order to meet the demand for outstanding quality. We have a complete internal control system, which provides a strong guarantee for the output of high-quality products.



 The main component is alumina, which is a hydrated alumina containing impurities. It is a kind of earthy mineral. White or off-white, brownish or light red due to iron.

Physics Index:

SolubilityInsoluble in water
TiO23.8%Melting Point2204℃
Moisture0.3Relative Density2.0-2.6


⒈Aluminum smelting industry. Used in national defense, aviation, automobiles, electrical appliances, chemicals, daily necessities, etc.

⒉Precision casting. The bauxite clinker is processed into a fine powder to be cast and then cast. Used in the military, aerospace, communications, instrumentation, machinery and medical equipment sectors.

⒊For refractory products. High alumina bauxite clinker has a refractoriness of up to 1780 ° C, strong chemical stability and good physical properties

⒋Manufacture of alumina, abrasives, ceramics, and various compounds in the chemical industry for aluminum production

We will continue to surpass ourselves, create value for customers as always, and provide better Special Calcined Bauxite Used for Welding Flux with excellent technology and services. Our eternal promise is that we will seize every opportunity to cooperate with customers and seek opportunities for common development. We are constantly pushing forward the development of relevant applications and continuously developing forward-looking products and application technologies.
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