Stainless/Aluminum Steel Shot S110-S780 / 0.3-2.5mm SAE J444 Metal Abrasive Steel Shot

Stainless/Aluminum Steel Shot S110-S780 / 0.3-2.5mm SAE J444 Metal Abrasive Steel Shot

Features Of HX Steel Shot
1.Good elasticity
2.Good fatigue resistance
3.Moderate hardness
4.Strong toughness
5.long lasting
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We are committed to developing Micro Powder For Diamond Wire, Steel Shot, Blue Ceramic Abrasive Grain that are closer to the needs of consumers and provide consumers with better products. Our company always adheres to the business philosophy of 'integrity', 'innovation' and 'win-win', and is committed to providing customers with 'economic' and 'satisfactory' services. At the same time, we use existing resources to create economical and practical products for customers. Our company pays attention to personnel training and introduction, and high-quality expert team and perfect scientific management system provide a solid technical guarantee for the company. With excellent products, high quality service and sincere attitude of service, we ensure customer satisfaction and help customers create value for mutual benefit and create a win-win situation. Our future development direction will continue to intensify efforts to introduce technology and professional talents.

Steel Shot


Steel shot is a spherical particle made by special heat treatment with special materials.

Granite/stone cutting; shipbuilding and ship repair;oil and gas pipelines,plant maintenance and metalworking.

Physics Index:

Thermal  0.13%(10 minutes at 1000℃)
Black Brown
6-320 mesh(0.053-3.36mm)
Bulk Density


⒈As a metallurgical deoxidizer and high temperature resistant material.

⒉Polishing of hardware, glass, gems, jade, etc.

⒊As abrasive, can be used as grinding tool, such as grinding wheel, oil stone, grinding head, sand tile

⒋Aerospace industry and automobile industry

⒌It's a metal workpiece processing material,to treat the surface of metal workpieces.

We are intensively working in the field of Stainless/Aluminum Steel Shot S110-S780 / 0.3-2.5mm SAE J444 Metal Abrasive Steel Shot, adhering to the spirit of dedication, and constantly innovating. As a team and as individuals, we set ambitious goals and are committed to developing the skills that will enable us to succeed. We implement the precise service and cost leading business strategy and constantly provide customers with high-quality products and services.
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