Top Quality Zirconium Silicate Nano Powder Zrsio4 CAS 10101-52-7 Used for All Kinds of Ceramic

Top Quality Zirconium Silicate Nano Powder Zrsio4 CAS 10101-52-7 Used for All Kinds of Ceramic

Features O f H&X Zirconium Silicate
1.High melting point
2.High refractive index
3.Good chemical stability
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Zirconium Silicate


Zirconium silicate is a non-toxic, odorless white powder. It is processed from natural high-purity zircon sand concentrate by ultra-fine pulverization, iron removal, titanium processing and surface modification treatment. , cheap ceramic glaze opacifier, whitening agent, anti-seepage agent, stabilizer.


Chemical Composition:

Grit SizeWhitenessZrSiO4TiO2


⒈It is widely used in high-grade ceramic glaze, advanced refractory fiber, TV screen and other production fields.

⒉A special glass, porcelain raw material and special rubber reinforcing resin filler.

⒊High quality grinding and engineering ceramic materials

⒋Can act as a whitening effect in ceramic glazes because it forms oblique zircons after firing of ceramics, thereby scattering the incident light waves and achieving the effect of opacification and whitening.

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