Vice-White Fused Alumina Grits/Powder for Refractories 0-1-3-5mm

Vice-White Fused Alumina Grits/Powder for Refractories 0-1-3-5mm

Features Of Vice-White Fused Alumina
1.Large accumulation
2.Good fluidity during use
3.No powdering
4.No bursting
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Product Details

The company has many years of experience in Low Sodium White Fused Alumina, Fused Silica For Casting, TZP Grinding Media, and can be designed according to customer needs. Our products have high starting point, high requirements and high standards. We don't have gorgeous language, but we have excellent quality. We develop together with our partners and increase our efforts in product development and innovation.

Vice-White Fused Alumina


Vice-White Fused Alumina is a newly developed high brown fused alumina,which is named also as its chemical composition and physical properties.

Chemical Composition(%)

Grit Size


⒈Used for refractory materials.

⒉Can be widely used to produce a variety of shaped refractory products and corundum casting materials.

⒊Other amorphous bulk materials and light fired corundum refractory products.

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