Vinyl Window and Door Making Machine Glazing Bead Cutter

Vinyl Window and Door Making Machine Glazing Bead Cutter

Features Of HX Glass Beads For Polishing:
1.Good chemical stability
2.Good liquidity
3.For cleaning and polishing
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Using my products to create value for you is our company's philosophy as always. Our goal is to provide our customers with higher quality and cost-effective SG Abrasive, Pink Fused Alumina, Calcined Alumina For Refractory. We give back to customers with better product quality and service quality, so as to keep up with the times. We insist on people-oriented and keep pace with the times. We analyze market information in a timely manner and integrate user feedback to continuously improve product performance and quality. Our products has won high customer satisfaction with its performance, quality, cost performance and technology leadership .

High Quanlity Glass Beads For Polishing


H&X glass beads with the quality of clean,transparent,no bubbles and impurity. Widely used in blasting,polishing,grinding etc.

Chemical AnalysisPhysical Properties
SiO2≥65.0%Bulk Density1.5g/cm3
Na2O≤14.0%Real Density2.5g/cm3
CaO≤8.0%Mohs Hardness6-7
MgO≥2.5%HRC hardness46


⒈Can be used for stainless steel

⒉For industrial shot peening

⒊Good chemical stability, mechanical strength and hardness, and surface finish

⒋As an additive, enhancer, etc., used in medical equipment, rubber, aviation, etc.

Our product design is exquisite, the quality is excellent, and Vinyl Window and Door Making Machine Glazing Bead Cutter is deeply loved by the majority of customers at home and abroad with the high quality and the durability . We are very grateful to our customers for their trust in us, we have been committed to providing innovative and exciting new products to meet their growing needs. We've been glad that we have been steadily escalating using the energetic and long lasting assist of our pleased shoppers!
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