Yttria Stablized Zirconia Ball Milling Polishing China

Yttria Stablized Zirconia Ball Milling Polishing China

Features Of HX Zirconia Ball
1.High melting point and boiling point
3.Good thermal stability
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We updated and perfected the product structure of Steel Shot, Pink Fused Alumina For Grinding, Walnut Shell Abrasive in order to comply with market changes and ever-increasing requirements of customers. Strict good quality management, fantastic service, affordable cost is our stand around the premise of competitors. Our trade goal is to ensure that every customer's investment and purchase can create the value it deserves. We look forward to communicating and cooperating with exceptional companies in the industry, actively building a platform and creating a good industrial environment. We are committed to technological advancement and equipment renewal, constantly improving our products and technical and economic indicators.

Zirconia Ball


Zirconia Ball is a kind of material with high strengh and high toughness at normal temperature and corrosion resistance, high rigidity, non-magnetic and electrical insulation,it's widely used in ceramic,refractory chemical industrials.

spherical or beadsMelting Point
Whitebulk specific weight2.35
Mosh Hardness
Tetragonal density6.10g/cm3
SolubilityInsolubility in water


⒈Could be used as refractory materials in molten glass and metallurgy etc.

⒉Used for piezoelectric element, bulk capacitor

⒊ Widely used in functional ceramics, structural ceramics, electronic ceramics, biological ceramics etc.

⒋ used as refractory materials in molten glass and metallurgy etc.

⒌Used for artificial gemstone, abrasive material

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